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It Happened to me: The Woodlands Episode

 One Saturday morning, I went swimming with my sports team for rehab and water based workouts at Woodlands hotel on Radhakrishnan Salai. It was a fun session, playing in water has always been a fun thing to do for me. It started at 10:30 am, and took around 12 to wrap up. My mom was out of stati...

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The Mornings are Dull Once More

This morning, students walking into the college campus and heading to class knew something was odd. Although most had trouble putting a finger on it, for others it was down right obvious. The semester of symposiums was coming to an end and that meant the welcoming committee of traditionally dressed ...

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Student aces exam thanks to canteen breakfast

           In one of the most extraordinary events that has ever happened on campus, today a 3rd year student (who wishes not to disclose his identity for the moment) claimed that he aced his “Computer Graphics” assessment thanks to the canteen. Sounds...