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Diary entry of a retired celebrity

Aahir Giri

    Day 1 Wake up late. No training, no practice, no work. I could get used to this. Anjali screams at Arjun “Don’t forget to take the lunch box to school again”. I open the papers to the headlines “Can Virat be the next Sachin?”. Fan column: “I thought Sachin would continue playing till the...


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5 things you should try out in college this week

Siddharth S

1. Chill in the Maggi station The Maggi station which recently opened in the Knowledge park building is fast becoming one of the best spots to hangout in the campus. They have so many goodies to offer. Their menu includes cold coffee, hot chocolate and a wide range of sandwiches and Maggi, of...


Keep calm first years 1

A First Year suffers from Panic Attack after attempting to attend 3 open calls in 1 evening

Archana Senthilkumar

After spending the first six months in comfortable isolation from basically everybody else in college, the first years finally attended the “actual” first day of college (read: the first day of the second semester). As the rest of us know, the even semester is all about events and meets, running...


South indian food on leaf

It Happened to me: The Woodlands Episode

Aahir Giri

  One Saturday morning, I went swimming with my sports team for rehab and water based workouts at Woodlands hotel on Radhakrishnan Salai. It was a fun session, playing in water has always been a fun thing to do for me. It started at 10:30 am, and took around 12 to wrap up. My mom was out of...



Double-check your lunch bags. Always.

Aahir Giri

 It was a gloomy Tuesday morning. I had got up late, with exactly 35 minutes in hand to get completely ready and reach school. Considering the fact that my house was six kilometers away from school, it was no mean feat. I hurried everyone in the process, from my mom to the driver. In the end, I...