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Cybermania cover

Cybermania is Here to Stay

Cibita Giritharan

A serious disorder has struck many victims, with students being highly susceptible. Doctors are shocked and treatment is yet to begin. The new disease has been named ‘cybermania’. Beware: it has gone viral and can be shared instantly if you have a mobile phone. To know if you have been affected...


Adhukum mela  i

Excessive use of the Phrase “Adhukum Mela” Forecasted in Coming Weeks

Archana Senthilkumar

Any festival is of course accompanied by big budget and much anticipated movies. This Pongal was no different, as we all found ourselves scrambling for tickets to sold out shows of the latest Shankar film, “I”. And naturally, like any self-respecting commercial Indian cinema, there has to be that...


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Departments of the college in one line

Aahir Giri, Siddharth S

Just like how every movie has a tagline, every department in our college deserves one too. Here is a non-exhaustive list. P.S. : Do not feel bad if your department has not been featured. It is probably a good thing.                                                                            ...


Hashtag fail v11

Students React to Recent Terrorism

Archana Senthilkumar

  The news over the past few weeks have been riddled with vile acts of violence and terrorism. We witnessed the shootings at Lindt Café, in Sydney, Australia, the horrifying massacre in Peshawar where more than a 100 students were killed in their school and most recently, the attacks on French...


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Students Report Extreme Sluggishness after Extended Pongal Holidays

Archana Senthilkumar

 Pongal, which this year fell right in the middle of the week, allowed students who didn’t mind taking two days off (almost everyone), an extended vacation! As a result, many ended up with more number of days off than the usual semester break! While such holidays are very relaxing, it is indeed...