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GD - 101


After placements the next most frequently heard word in college is this big boy! Group Discussion is a handy tool for interviewers to fish out the bold and bright. Fret not, cracking the code – GD is here! Don’t treat it as another one of those lists you mindlessly read online. I strongly...


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Pre Placement Offers: Job Won Over

Sritanay Mandava, Syed Imran

PPO. It stands for Pre-Placement Offer. It is what it sounds like. You get a placement in a company. Ok now seriously what in the world are PPOs? We ask this question to Surendhar(4th year, CSE) and he gives me the layman's definition. When you are an intern for a company, say for two months or...


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Placement Tales

Sowjanya, Tharunya

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to placements. Advice is like confetti, people always have something to say about what you should be doing. After all those life changing talks, you are confused not knowing what do when! No one knows you like yourself. Listen well, and take in what...