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Helping Hands

Jayasree V., Keerthana Chellappan

The Monsoon months of October and November have always been a great source of joy for Namma Chennaites.  But, as the old saying goes,  “Too much of anything is good for nothing.”   One sector of the population which wasn't as affected braved the waters to initially provide relief to those...



k!16 begins

Tejal Satish

Bring out your big guns, this year's online battle of Kurukshetra commences tonight when the clock strikes 8!                          'Riddles of Sphinx' aka ROS, is the largest online treasure hunt of Asia. If you are the kind who wants to ride through mighty mazes and perplexing puzzles with...



Skyping with Martian on Earth: Angelo Vermeulen

Gayathri Govindarajan, Tejal Satish

Angelo Vermeulen is a multi-disciplinary visual artist. Biomodd is one of his most well-known projects and in 2013, he was the crew commander of HI-SEAS, the four-month Mars simulation mission funded by NASA. He is scheduled to speak at the Vivekananda Auditorium, CEG on February 6, 2016 at 4pm...


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Up Close with Srinivas Mohan

Aishwarya Valliappan

Bahubali had us stunned with its spectacular display of grandeur, magnanimity, magnificence and might. The mastermind behind these breathtaking visual effects, Srinivas Mohan had us stunned even more with his humble and down to earth character. A 3-time National Award Winner, Srinivas Mohan makes...


Valentine%e2%80%99s day special c   program to print heart shape with happy valentine%e2%80%99s day message inside it

C Poem


‪#‎include<love.h> Love FUNCTION is CALLed in me-by you! Running around you like a LOOP- To NEST your heart in mine; A message FOR you; On this valentine;  DO Love - back! No SWITCH, no BREAK; Let love CONTINUE. Our love will be an ARRAY- With you and me as TWO DIMENSIONS; There...