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Valentine%e2%80%99s day special c   program to print heart shape with happy valentine%e2%80%99s day message inside it

C Poem


‪#‎include<love.h> Love FUNCTION is CALLed in me-by you! Running around you like a LOOP- To NEST your heart in mine; A message FOR you; On this valentine;  DO Love - back! No SWITCH, no BREAK; Let love CONTINUE. Our love will be an ARRAY- With you and me as TWO DIMENSIONS; There...




Gomathi Varshini, Srinidhi Sivakumar, Ashwath, Agnes Maneesha, Tharunya Danabal, Giridharan Raghu, Nivatha

LOGISTICS and HOSPITALITY teams are largely responsible in making the entire event run smoothly. Here is what they had to say in their interview with GT.    LOGISTICS [interview by Agnes Maneesha , Srinidhi Sivakumar, Ashwath, Gomathi Varshini, Nivatha]   As College of Engineering Guindy, the...


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Just ‘Start’ed ‘Up’. Miles to go! - Interview with the co-founders of Airocorp

Varsha Neelakantan, Apoorva NP Kumar

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an automated system that could do whatever you command, and make your life so much simpler? Something that could maybe compile a project report on some boring topic for your course work in less than ten minutes, which would have taken you an hour to complete otherwise....


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REMINISCING HIS MASTER'STROKES' - An Interview with Kutraleeswaran

Madhumitha Sekar

“Every pool comes with boundaries marked.  I wasn't interested in merely swimming up and down.” Kutraleeswaran’s inspiring words were etched in my heart.  When I was 9, the only boundary I marked for myself was between me and the Television set! Here was a child who jumped into the sea along...


Nikita cover

DENTIST TO DIVA - An Interview with Nikita Gandhi

Aishwarya Valliappan

“It’s a pleasure performing for you guys! You all have been terrific!”is what singer Nikita Gandhi of 'Ladio' fame, has to say about CEG. The dentist who shot into the limelight with the Rahman number 'Ladio' from the film ‘I’,  took to the stage for Agni 2016 and was floored with our energy....