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Pizhai Ilaa 'Ezhuthupizhai'

Shankhari Swaminathan

The book-launch of ‘Ezhuthupizhai’, penned by our 2012 alumnus Mr. Mano Bharathi, started off on a Sunday evening (Feb 8) in front of a packed hall in the Alumni Centre. The programme started with a spell-binding Bharatnatyam performance by Ms. Reshma Gunasekaran followed by a soul-stirring...



Techofes Diaries - The 'Food' Feed

Jai Karthik

Mr.Foodie was a happy guy once. He was that kind of student whose classroom was the Cafeteria/Canteen. If there was a course in 'Food tasting', he would be its topper. But for a while now, his reputation has been slowly sliding down the graph as his taste buds are done tasting everything he...



Aakriti - Empowering Women Together

Ameesha Kaushal

With all dispiriting factors like India’s Daughter, several honour killings and rape cases in the news, CEG’s exclusive girls club, Aakriti, brought in some optimism to the Women’s day this year. This celebration of womanhood and the indomitable strength of women just got upgraded to a six day...


Dean speaks 1

Dean Speaks #2

Dr. P. Narayanasamy

After a busy two months of Techofes and Kurukshetra, we are finally in the season of symposiums. It gives me great pleasure in seeing students organize symposiums and conferences in our college. It proves to the outside world that our college excels not only in academics but also in...



The Cost of Freedom

Saravana Kumar

     For decades now, we've been putting up with over-priced, sub-standard service from Indian telecom carriers. We've gone along with their every scheme and we've changed the way we use technology every step along the way. But the irony of it all is that while these Telecom companies tell us...