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T Plus Run

Saravana Kumar

February  1 maybe just another day for the rest of us, but for Rakesh, Anuta, Chirag, Vivek, PJ and Arunachalam it's a day they been waiting for, for months.  The T+ run, a brainchild of the social outreach program, T+, of Techofes is something we should all look forward to. The marathon held...



Nostalgia of a Nonagenarian

Shankhari Swaminathan

From people who left campus just last year to those who had graduated before Independence, CEGAM 2.0 saw the confluence of five different generations under one roof. Meet our senior-most alumnus at the meet, Mr. R. Padmanabhan, of the 1943 batch. An honors student of electrical engineering, Mr....



T+ Run - The Runners' Account

Navnith Ramakrishnan, Karthik V, Dhiraj

The T+ Run was organised as part of the social initiative of Techofes and it was a tremendous success. With excellent marketing, good planning, a strong turnout and great management, all the elements for such success were already present. The following are a few first-hand accounts from actual...



Techofes Diaries - A Day at SAAS Office

Tejal Satish

As I stepped into the SAAS office located at the ground floor of Maths dept, there were just a couple of chairs, laptops apart from a serious looking Core team discussion. The office, I must say, is plain and simple with a drawing board, bright lighting and a lot of pamphlets and posters...



Techofes Diaries: The Adventure Experience

Siddharth S

Last year while Ram was at IIT Bombay’s annual cultural fest - Mood Indigo, he enjoyed playing paintball and thought, “Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if we could play this in college?” And “Wouldn’t it be even more awesome if we had a bunch of such stuff during Techofes?” And thus the raw idea of...