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The Purpose of NOTA

Well, the heat of Lok Sabha polls are over and the new government has started working towards its goal, ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance'. One certain thing which everyone knows is that the Ruling Party came to the power with absolute majority. Yet, another flamboyant thing is by the numb...

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AU Swimming Pool - 2 parts 'H'eart, 1 part 'O'bsession

         Location: Opposite Manufacturing department Timings: 6am to 8am 9am to 10am (Ladies Only)4pm to 6pm (Tuesday Holiday) Anna University is known for its huge campus and the facilities it provides. The swimming pool, located between the R...

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Exclusive Interview with Amitash Pradhan

From founding Theatron during his Masters, he has shot off into stardom while following his heart. Read on for excerpts from a exclusive interview with our alumnus, Amitash Pradhan, of VIP fame:How did the movie break happen?Founding Anna University’s ‘Theatron’, directing five plays and...