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Techofes Dairies - The Starry Nights

Monisha Prakash

                          As I approach SAAS office to talk to Sarang Thiagu, a final year Mechanical department student about the Pro-Shows team of Techofes, it feels like I’ve mistakenly walked into a corner of Wall Street. Busy crowds of people talking over the phone, chalking...



Blast from the Past

Gayathri Govindarajan

Mrs.Sharada and Mrs.Kamala are one of the first few female graduates from CEG belonging to the Telecommunications batch of 1953. Aged over 80, the two engineers were more than enthusiastic to sit down with a couple of us for a chat filled with witty quips and jokes. Both day scholars, they tell...



Frilp: Up Close

Adnan Ali, Shankhari Swaminathan

Tucked into a cozy compound at the end of a quiet, long-winding street off the noisy main roads of Pallikaranai, the building that houses Frilp does not, at first glance, look like the HQ of one of the world’s top 25 hot start-ups. Recently, we visited the Frilp, which is a start-up by CEG...