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Exploring Time Paradoxes

Arun Narayanan

Time-travel has always been a favourite for sci-fi writers. The concept  is truly mind boggling. Be it Surya’s ‘24’, Vishnu’s ‘Indru Netru Naalai’, or Hollywood movies like Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’, The 'Planet Of The Apes’ series (1960s version), or ‘The X-Men’ series,  each of these have been...


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Farewell to a Teacher

Vijay Kumar

DEAR TEACHER, (A poem for my Physics staff and class advisor (I Batch), Dr.T.Lavanya madam, who is now in IITM as a Research Scientist) You’re not a teacher You’re a step ahead of that. You’re not my ma'am, You’re like a mom to me. The way you teach inspired me, The way you interact impressed...


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The Story Of....

S.Bhargavi Kalanath

I was a pushy , naughty guy when I was young; My childhood was awesome as my pals always like to cling; My parents always taught me to be independent and an allurist; The next day occurred a vast twist; We entered the market as a family And returned with nobody around me; They left me, they...


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A Sip of Experience

Puneethkumar Ravichandran

A poem on my daily routine in the coffee hut: Couldn't distinguish cappuccino, latte or espresso As they called it; and that's strong, light and black. All I knew is, mom's stuff is unnameable, Cause that's titrated with love. Coffee hut, dopes my stomach's void For a grant of the 'deer'...


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TN Rains: A Poem

Ashaa Vigashini

When my desires to play in the puddle Have been transformed to not letting myself drown, When dreams of our long paper boat cruises Have now become a chosen alternative, When, the once soothing music of downpour, Now seem like a call of misery and whines, When our prayers unify for not wanting...