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TNEA 2015

Sandra Sebastian

   I still remember the day I spent in the campus of this esteemed university a year ago, looking at the students wearing the prestigious tag and rushing to attend their class. The picture still remains fresh in my mind. However, as the famous saying ‘ Time and tide waits for no man’ goes, time...



The Time Target

Tharun Suresh, Muthu Kumari

  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, said Benjamin Franklin. Time management is the need of the hour but people are too busy complaining about the shortness of time, they make the worst of it! The students of EEE department attended a short & sweet lecture on ‘Time Management’...


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GD Training by SQC

Tharun Balu

On the evening of 11th of Jan, 2016, the Students Quality Council held a training session on Group Discussion exclusively for second years. As I entered the hall, I noticed that already many students had been well organized into various groups of eight with the event organisers moderating each...


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Nuts, Bolts and Wires

Puneethkumar Ravichandran

How would you feel, if I give you a hammer and ask you to keep on hitting something until I say so? You may ask, "Are you nuts?!" But wait! Let’s talk about nuts. Having crossed one-eighth of uni-life, the brown tags were exuberant about the first week of their new sem. Road had derailed for...