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The Alumni Column: Becoming An Adult

Aahir Giri

Moving from college to work is a huge transition in life. Especially when you come to a new city, everything is a new experience. Everyone would have made friends in college, but you’ll start learning to use a new term, colleague, which fundamentally means the same - people who you hang out...


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AACEG Endowment Award Winners

The following are the meritorious students who will be presented by the prestigious AACEG Endowment Awards. They are requested to be present during the 91st Alumni Day on 20th March to receive the award at 5 PM, Vivek Audi.


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For Those Who Manage To Pursue Their Dreams

Tharun Suresh

“Just give it a try, regardless of the outcome,” is something many parents tell their children during the stressful phase of preparing for competitive examinations. However, there’s a reason why these exams are called ‘competitive’. As I get an opportunity to interview an IIM-A and Anna...


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Vaccination of Dogs in CEG Campus

Muthu Kumari

Preluding World Rabies Day, 28th September, the dogs in CEG campus were vaccinated through Blue Cross of India(BCI) by AACEG. It all started when the dog lovers in our campus felt the need for our faithful buddies to be vaccinated. GTian Gayathri went a step ahead and approached the president...


Freevector kids and adults

The Alumni Column #6: Grown-up

Archana Senthilkumar

Adult? Looks everywhere around me* Wait, You looking at me? In response to this article, Sure 18 means you are legally an adult. But when do you really feel like an adult?   Yes, you can be working. I’m thankful for the paycheck and the weekends, but that doesn’t stop me from complaining about...