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Chiasma 2017 - A Warm Welcome

Shreyaa Senthilkumar

As sophomores of the Centre for Bio-Technology (CBT), the batch of orange tags were all set to welcome the incoming purple tags. They say putting more minds together brings out a wider variety of ideas. It is indeed fortunate that the CBT is comprised of three departments- Industrial...



The resolves to make!!

Shreyaa Senthilkumar, Priyanca Balasubramaniam

The excitement around college was palpable as the Chennai police and the people in Anna University prepared to welcome the Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu. Our college hosted the inauguration of a photo exhibition along with the launch of a new initiative "New India- We Resolve to...



The Purple Tags’ Second Homecoming

Shreyaa Senthilkumar

If there is one word to describe the freshers on the Orientation day, it has got to be anxiety. And that is exactly what I saw in the Purple tags as well. The Registrar of Anna University, Prof. Ganesan proudly welcomed the gathering. He congratulated allthe students for getting into such a...


Oblivion   kk  chaitrika

The Fear of Oblivion

Shreyaa Senthilkumar

Oblivion is often referred to as the phenomenon where everything that exists right now, will be destroyed at a certain point of undefined time. It has a lot of proposed hypotheses going about. One famous theory is that of heavenly bodies colliding with each other and the fabrics of time, light...


K! 17 cover

Hospitality to the Kore!

Shreyaa Senthilkumar, Janani Alagarsamy

"CTF it is!" my friend exclaimed over the phone, leaving me puzzled. I had not yet explored this part of the campus and hence it took me quite some time to reach the CEG Tech Forum. After our brief introductions, we had the opportunity to meet two of the four core members of the Hospitality team...