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Football - The Beautiful Game

July 29, 1986, Mexico City114,600 people at the Estadio Azteca hold their breath. With 83 minutes on the clock, the score in the 1986 World Cup final is at 2-2. Both teams, Argentina and Germany push forward for the winner. Jorge Burruchaga then scores in the 84th minute to allow Argentina t...

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<CODhER> : Where crazy ideas become reality

A recent study revealed that only 29% of employees in major technology companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Intel are women. Even the IT services biggies like TCS, Accenture, Cognizant have similar numbers in their workforce. When the gender ratio is dissected by ro...

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The Library Speaks

Established in 1978, I have been a permanent fixture in an ever changing landscape of the university. Nestled amongst the trees on the eastern side of the campus, I am perhaps one of the most important buildings on campus. Who am I? Yeah, you guessed it right! I am the Anna University Library....