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Time to hit the gym, ladies!


    Attention! All the girls of Anna University! With about more than half a dozen eateries around the campus, CEG not only provides us with notable options for food, but also for health care! CEG has an in-campus gym, functional for over five years now. Located in the first floor of the...


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Supreme Court Ruling on the National Anthem - An Analysis

Muthukumari Sivasankaran, Priyanca Balasubramanian, AKSHARA VISWANATHAN, K.S. Mohana Murugan, Giridharan Raghu

With the news of demonetisation shocking citizens, the trend continues as this week the Supreme Court ordered for the Indian National Anthem to be played in all cinema halls before the movie began. The bench said,  "All cinema halls in India shall play the national anthem before the feature film...


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Nuts, Bolts and Wires

Puneethkumar Ravichandran

How would you feel, if I give you a hammer and ask you to keep on hitting something until I say so? You may ask, "Are you nuts?!" But wait! Let’s talk about nuts. Having crossed one-eighth of uni-life, the brown tags were exuberant about the first week of their new sem. Road had derailed for...



Student aces exam thanks to canteen breakfast

Siddharth S

                      In one of the most extraordinary events that has ever happened on campus, today a 3rd year student (who wishes not to disclose his identity for the moment) claimed that he aced his “Computer Graphics” assessment thanks to the canteen. Sounds outrageous, doesn’t...