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Beacuse  they dont care  poem

Because, they don't care


  Picking up the phone having no one to call. Reaching out for an arm at the brink of drowning in the dead! The howling heart with not even a soul to hark, The hollowness in you while hiding in the darkness, The empty feeling that comes from within, Lying down beneath the...


Aramm sweta

Aramm: A Phenomenal Trail Blazer

Muthu Kumari

Tamil cinema has shifted from happy ending rom-coms to plot-driven stories which convey a message to the audience. While recent movies like Mersal and Vivegam, were commercial entertainers, Aramm, a movie based on a true incident, stands as an odd one out. In a country like ours, the...


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Touching the moon : an interview with Manasi Arun

Shruthi Shridhar, Thenuga Priyadharshini

The Guindy Times interviewed Manasi Arun, a fourth year Computer Science student at CEG who was recently recruited by Google. She spoke about the details of her journey of getting into one of the world’s most reputed companies. Read on to find out what she had to say. GT:  How did it all...


Appearances are deceptive

Deceptive Appearances!

Adithi Varadarajan

They called him a playboy As he spared none! He liked her but she didn't; She happened to see a guy, Who she presumed was good. Friendship sprang up! Months rolled by! There came a day, She was caught in a problem And was saved by someone! The latter was the...



Entrepreneurship in the Printing & Packaging Industry

Shashank Neralla

The printing industry can never die – it is the industry that has lived since the origin of mankind. Printing started off as a form of communication during the age of the Neanderthal man and homo erectus. However, in today's world, printing is more than just a form of communication. It is what...