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TV Review: Fargo

Shyam Narayan

                    When your 90210/Gossip Girl fanatic girlfriend starts watching a show and 10 minutes later says she’s bored, you know that you’ve got a GREAT show in hand. Fargo is definitely one of that kind. Basedon true events, show runner Noah Fawleys FARGO is one of those...


Aym cover

Movie Review: Acham Yenbadhu Madamayada

Suriyah Dhinakaran

Much before its official release, the movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamayada generated much hype with the STR-GVM-ARR combo and some viral songs such as ‘Thalli Pogadhey’. Here are a few thoughts after watching the movie in the very first week of its blockbuster release. In short, the entire movie is a...



AUPD'15 Has Arrived

Agraja Magesh

The spirit of debating is to talk about issues that need to be discussed; to question the status quo and bring an array of viewpoints to the table. Parliamentary Debates, being one of the most popular forms of debate, seek to offer out-of-the-box takes on current matters of interest. With this in...



Kalakrithi-2015- A report

Muthu Kumari

Ethir Neechaal fame Sathish, stunt master Jagan and Madras fame Hari attended the inaugural function of Kalakrithi’15. The line-up of chief guests was quite commendable but there were a few awkward moments like when the chief guests quoted the ACT cultural fest as ‘Techofes’ and apologized saying...



Campaign Against Ill Effects of Alcohol Kickstarts at CEG

Jerlyn Sally

The Department of Prohibition and Excise, Government of Tamil Nadu, initiated their awareness campaign stressing the effects of the consumption of illicit alcohol at Tag Auditorium, CEG. The inaugural function was preceded by an awareness rally from the Main Entrance to the Tag Audi and the...