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13 Reasons Why: A Guilty Pleasure

Saravanan Parthasaarathy

It is 4:00 A.M in the morning, I twist and turn my body hoping to finally find a position I can fall asleep in. Recently, I came across an anonymous post on the confessions page of my college that completely disturbed me, costing me my sleep. It was about a depressed student who was contemplating...


Traffic   karthick pazhani

How traffic saves my life every day

Keshav R Bhat

I know what you're thinking. How can traffic save a person's life?! Ha! I mean, just a cursory glance through last week's newspapers would yield at least one tragedy caused due to an ambulance stuck in traffic. But I am not talking about the life of a person who is seriously ill and in need of...


Ashwini article   sripriya

I Open At The Close

Ashwini Velmurugan

  The clock is ticking and time is fading. Not very slowly, but slow enough for the deep caverns in my heart to fill itself with that strangely marooned feeling, as if it were heavy with emptiness. Life has this really strange way of announcing the end of one part and the beginning of...


Counselling poster

The Decision Making Dilemma


‘Making a big change in life is pretty scary. But, you know what’s even scarier? – Regret’ – Zig Ziglar   “What do you want? Chocolates or ice cream?” my Dad would ask me when I was five years old. That was probably the first tough decision I had had to make in life. In our teenage years,...


Woman waving goodbye

One Last Listicle : Deeya's Deductions #8

Deeya Kashyap

All of us experience several 'firsts' in our lives that stay etched in our memories forever - be it our first day at college, our first love, the first arrear or the first class I.V. However, life goes by so fast that there isn't enough time to remember and appreciate our last few...