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The Decision Making Dilemma


‘Making a big change in life is pretty scary. But, you know what’s even scarier? – Regret’ – Zig Ziglar   “What do you want? Chocolates or ice cream?” my Dad would ask me when I was five years old. That was probably the first tough decision I had had to make in life. In our teenage years,...


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One Last Listicle : Deeya's Deductions #8

Deeya Kashyap

All of us experience several 'firsts' in our lives that stay etched in our memories forever - be it our first day at college, our first love, the first arrear or the first class I.V. However, life goes by so fast that there isn't enough time to remember and appreciate our last few...


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The Fear of Oblivion

Shreyaa Senthilkumar

Oblivion is often referred to as the phenomenon where everything that exists right now, will be destroyed at a certain point of undefined time. It has a lot of proposed hypotheses going about. One famous theory is that of heavenly bodies colliding with each other and the fabrics of time, light...


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The Friend I Will Never Forget

Mark Benjamin

Last week, I entered CEG for my project viva; realising it was the last time I would enter the campus as a bona fide undergraduate student, I found myself thinking about all the people who had left a lasting impression on me over the course of the degree. As I mulled over the students, faculty,...


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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion - Fitting Finale


The time has come, when everyone is booking tickets in advance for a movie with guaranteed mass appeal and entertainment. In other words, it’s not about watching the movie on the big screen, it’s about how early you watch it before someone reveals the answer to the question: ‘Why did...