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The Alumni Column: My First Salary

Archana Senthilkumar

  As childish as it feels to write down such a title akin to a kindergartner’s My First Day at School or Rainy Day compositions, this also happens to be the most grown-up moment I have ever felt in my life. 14 years of school education, the last few of which were grueling to say the least, and 4...


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Techofes Goes All India With T#

Aahir Giri, Saravana Kumar

Every year, a fairly normal, uneventful odd semester passes. It seems as though the semester drags on and on forever, but as it comes to a close and the college reopens, everything goes on insanity mode. People running around everywhere, banners printed, posters stuck. For an untrained first...



K! - The Inside Story - Web Team

Reshma Sara Pothen

Every year K! prides itself in welcoming even more people to participate in its events – both online and off. With over 20,000 people in attendance and a reach of over 1200 colleges across India and over 800 overseas colleges spanning 75 countries, connecting all these people together is one of...


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Enthusiasm overloaded – Two important events, one significant day!

Madhumitha D

26th August 2015 was a normal day to common people but to everyone with the Anna University tag, it was a long awaited day, especially for the newly tagged ones. The college was completely in a festive mood and everyone was waiting for the clock to strike 3pm so that they could witness the main...


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If Not Us, Then Who ?

Ashaa Vigashini

  A few days back, posters were hung predominantly in and around the AC Tech campus, on organic farming entrepreneurship. As simple as the phrase sounds, the hidden meaning behind it is, in fact, pretty deep. When I was asked to attend this lecture by Dr. G. Sivaraman, I wasn’t particularly...