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Pizhai Ilaa 'Ezhuthupizhai'

Shankhari Swaminathan

The book-launch of ‘Ezhuthupizhai’, penned by our 2012 alumnus Mr. Mano Bharathi, started off on a Sunday evening (Feb 8) in front of a packed hall in the Alumni Centre. The programme started with a spell-binding Bharatnatyam performance by Ms. Reshma Gunasekaran followed by a soul-stirring...



Techofes Diaries - The 'Food' Feed

Jai Karthik

Mr.Foodie was a happy guy once. He was that kind of student whose classroom was the Cafeteria/Canteen. If there was a course in 'Food tasting', he would be its topper. But for a while now, his reputation has been slowly sliding down the graph as his taste buds are done tasting everything he...


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Ashwini Velmurugan

It was a Sunday and I wasn’t really enthusiastic about covering up an event on a holiday. I dragged myself to the venue where Thulir ‘15 was happening with no sign of excitement on my face. But least did I know that what awaited behind those auditorium doors would change my mind about the event...


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Shreya Vaidyanathan

After being blown away by Dhanush’s movies in the recent past, Anegan comes across as quite a blow. The movie which is supposed to be classified under the ‘romance’ genre, is a confusing screen play of the same characters in 4 different time zones acting under the pretence of ‘pure love’. The...


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New Zealand vs Australia - Match Preview

Prasanna Balakrishnan

When you sit down thinking of this clash between the biggies, you often wonder if this looks awkward, considering the fact that both hosts play each other in a group stage fixture, and this would certainly deprive Australia of their home advantage. Nevertheless, this mouthwatering clash between...