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Five Notable Figures Who Visited The Campus in 2014


G.Nammalvar - Organic Farmer We are in a era where the basic occupation of mankind- agriculture is looked down upon. In this tough time, we had in us a Pole star of Hope- organic farmer- G.Nammalvar. He graduated in BSc agriculture degree from Annamalai university and was offered a state...



K! - The Inside Story - Marketing Team

Vidya Gopalan

                        Suha Vignesh of ECE, Priyadharshini of IT and Parimal of M.Sc IT are the Marketing team heads of this year’s edition of Kurukshetra. The amount of dedication and effort they put in their work was clearly seen while I was trying to fix an appointment for...



Twintastic / ctrl+c; ctrl+v

Muthu Kumari

No! You are not seeing double in Twinsburg, Ohio. Holding the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Largest Annual Gathering of Twins in the World” Twins Days is a festival for twins (and other multiples) which takes place on the first full weekend in August. This year they celebrate their 40th...



5 tips for exam preparation

Siddharth S

This week I wrote my last assessment of my engineering college life. *self five* Over the past 4 years, I have written several assessments and exams. And after a point, everything begins to look the same to me. I have passed some, aced some (ok maybe one or two) and failed some (ok maybe more...



K! - The Inside Story - Tech Team

Sritanay Mandava

In the quest to find out how this year’s Kurukshetra is being conducted, we tracked down the Tech team k!ore members Jai Vasanth and Dharmesh, who had to be pulled away from their computers for a quick interview. Guindy Times: Tell us about the Tech team. Tech K!ore: We have two Kore members...