The Guindy Times

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Poem On College Life

Chithra Sankaranarayanan

April 07, 2017


Stepping into a new life where 
One faces oneself

Some consider everything a race
and chase after them all,
While others find it difficult
to even tie their shoe lace.

Many here care for you,
but you care for a select few

Lots of leisure, lots of pressure
In the midst of which, some search for treasure.

The greatest invention being the headset
without which no one's heads are fit
More sleep, less work, but still
feeling tired every other minute.

Sudden decisions rare output
even don't care for taking next
More dance, more wishes,
Many an exam and test.

Suddenly, when you look back
The poster says 'The End’,
The 35040 hours of these four years
Are just like the three hours of a movie


Passing by in the snap of your fingers
Leaving behind many a memory that lingers.