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Appearances are deceptive

Deceptive Appearances!

Adithi Varadarajan

They called him a playboy As he spared none! He liked her but she didn't; She happened to see a guy, Who she presumed was good. Friendship sprang up! Months rolled by! There came a day, She was caught in a problem And was saved by someone! The latter was the...



Entrepreneurship in the Printing & Packaging Industry

Shashank Neralla

The printing industry can never die – it is the industry that has lived since the origin of mankind. Printing started off as a form of communication during the age of the Neanderthal man and homo erectus. However, in today's world, printing is more than just a form of communication. It is what...


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“Demystifying Engineering” - The What, Why & How

Sakthya Krishnan

“Demystifying Engineering” - The What, Why & How   Disclaimer: This piece of work is a by-product of constant introspection over a period of 8 years, sharpened by the wisdom of fellow engineers all around the world. The author intends to illuminate the path that lies ahead of the younger...


Baja 01

Of Cars, Clubs and More


BAJA is the motorsports club of CEG. They specialize in building All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). It is a club that challenges and develops the creative and design skills of the students. The club also gives a strong base to the students interested in the automobile industry. Here is a short...


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Grad School Diaries : Priyanka KV

Ashwin Ambal

  Tell us a bit about yourself. Hello, I am Priyanka Kalpattu Vasudevan (Priyanka KV). I did my B.E in Materials Science and Engineering at CEG (graduated in 2016) and am currently pursuing an M.S in Industrial Engineering. I have always been fascinated by supply chain optimization...