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Dad To Daughter : The Unspoken Words

Fiona Sharon

  Walking through those doors now, It never felt the same anymore. There was no more noise, No one to call out to, No one to call him Dad. He had given his only daughter To...

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Trust, Blood, Power The Underwoods

Krishna Anandan

    WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD Rated as one of the greatest political dramas on television, The fifth instalment of House of Cards garnered a lot of attention especially after...

House of cards gv

How To Actually Exit College?

Shreya Vaidyanathan

Right from the moment you start the final semester of college, you begin to hear people mulling over the past few years and reminiscing those golden times that are about to come to an end, like all...

Why does this work 246x250

Putting The Pieces Together Part 5

Ghouse Mohamed

Murthy, seeing no other option, acquiesced. “It is here” the Inspector said, pointing at Murthy’s embarrassingly worn and torn leather shoes. He reached inside the left shoe and foraged like he...

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Putting The Pieces Together Part 4

Ghouse Mohamed

Abish was a robber, and Murthy would not have had the faintest idea if not for Inspector Raghu’s revelation. Murthy started to wonder if his ever-so subjective irritating presence in the...


Putting The Pieces Together Part 3

Ghouse Mohamed

The clamour percolating the apartment’s hallway found its way into the earshot of every tenant of Parvathi apartments, each enjoying their Saturday morning, as khaki-clad men strolled back and...

Ghouse 3 01 01

Putting The Pieces Together Part 2

Ghouse Mohamed

Arjun and his- what most people with a considerable love for canines would regard as cute- labrador lived in apartment 202. Arjun was a subject of admiration by the tenants of Parvathi apartments,...

Chp2 sanjana

Putting The Pieces Together Part 1

Ghouse Mohamed

Murthy regretted not remembering to carry an umbrella. His wet clothes pressed against his skin, irritating him. Murthy had his shirt over his head in an attempt to save his hair from the...

Chapter 1 posterv2

எப்போது முடியும் இந்த இரண்டுமாதம்?

சுபாஷ் சந்தர். வெ

டேய்.. இன்னுமா தூங்கற, எழுந்திரு டா..."      பழக்கமான அதே அம்மாவின் குரல் தான். எழுந்து அரைத் தூக்கத்தில் மணியைப் பார்த்தேன்.. அன்று கொஞ்சம் அதிகமாகவே தூங்கிவிட்டேன். பழக்க தோஷம். காரணம்,...


4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read (More)

Ghouse Mohamed

1. It’s relaxing.                                  For millennials, reading can be a highly effective method of relaxation. There is no doubt that the youth of today are subject to significantly...


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